Dental Implants & Bone Graft

Missing Tooth Replacement Options

Are you missing a tooth? Or perhaps missing multiple teeth? Do you need a bad tooth replaced? Dental Implants are currently the best alternative to a missing tooth. Essentially an Implant is a titanium screw which is gently placed in the jaw bone to replace the root of a lost natural tooth. Are you looking for great tooth implants replacement? The following details can assist you in your decision making process.


DOC2The first step in the dental implant process is the development of an individualized treatment plan.

An implant guide and CT Scan or Cone Beam Series will be requested to help analyse and plan the future implant procedure. This gives an idea about bone support for implant, predict if a bone graft is needed and possible anatomic interference that can occur such as pneumatisation of sinus, presence of IAN or its close proximity to the site of future implant.

We do Dental Implants in two stages. Firstly, a metal implant post is surgically placed into the bone socket of a missing tooth. Secondly, after osseointegration(term used to describe the bonding of the implant to the jawbone), the replacement of tooth, bridge or denture.

The healing process can take from 6 to 12 weeks and the implant will be left with a healing abutment or cover screw during this period. At the second stage, the healing abutment will be replaced by another implant component that will give anchorage for the new crown to replace a single missing tooth or serve as abutments for a bridge or overdenture.

The number of implants to be placed will depend on the space and number of missing teeth. Impressions will be taken from your teeth and a model created to design the new restoration.

Implants look and feel like natural teeth, they are permanent and secure, and don’t rely on neighbouring teeth for support.

Dr Kluge’s qualification gives her special expertise in this area. She can create a Dental Implant plan with you that outlines the treatment necessary, appointments and costs involved. We can provide for all stages of implant restorations saving you the time and money from needing to visit multiple practitioners at multiple facilities.

We can provide an initial quote, assure you of the high quality materials we use and a long term result.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone with a material called a bone graft. . The autogenous graft is seen as the best technique but fusion is not completely guaranteed. That’s why Dr Kluge choses only to perform when a small amount is required during implant procedure and autogenous bone can be harvested within a donor site in the patient mouth. You have to wait longer for the second stage if you require a bone graft

Multiple Tooth Replacement Options

Multiple Tooth Replacement Implants are currently the best alternative to missing teeth. Essentially an Implant is a Titanium screw which is gently placed in the jaw bone to replace the root of lost natural teeth.


Benefits with fixed bridge on implants:

In this case, when replacing three teeth in the far back of the mouth, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the only fixed alternative. Traditional dentures can’t offer the same stability or function.

Having dental implants replacing your lost back teeth will give you new, unparalleled strength and stability that allows you to eat what you want. It will also preserve your jawbone and facial appearance.

The only fixed alternative in this situation.
A stable, secure solution that lets you eat what you want
Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss