Sunshine Dental Care Maroochydore

At Sunshine Dental Care, we look forward to taking care of your whole family’s dental needs, taking into account your wishes and feelings, with transparent treatment plans and options.

Dr Amanda Mallabar has joined Sunshine Dental Care as Principal Dentist. 

Originally from the UK, Dr Mallabar relocated to Australia in 2014 with her husband and two beautiful young sons.  Amanda is a caring, compassionate, gentle dentist who believes that your smile is key to your inner health and confidence.  Her approach has blessed her with a long history of working with entire families for their oral health.  “Maintaining excellent oral health with regular checks can give an indication/warning that there may be other systemic health problems.”

Dental care for the entire family.

Choosing the right dentist for yourself and your family is no less important than choosing the right doctor. In fact, it might actually be more important from a prevention standpoint, because what is happening with, and to, a person’s teeth and gums is a harbinger for the health of the rest of the body down the road. Especially for children, choosing a dentist that knows how important it is to look for a biological material even for first dentition.